21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (2023)

Suppose you've already played The Witcher 3 adeleon consoles when it launched in 2015, it might even have gone platinum – plus DLC, of ​​course – and then ported to other games. Then, I don't know, maybe you started reading books... watched a Netflix series. You played Thronebreaker and it went platinum too. You considered playing the Switch edition, then changed your mind, but still yearn for more of The Witcher.

So you downloaded the game to your PC and started playing it on maximum settings and, dammit, it already looked 1000 times better than you remembered. ButSomesome parts are a little crazy, right? Are some things in this thread still a bit boring? Maybe you start to think about all the things that used to annoy you and wasted your time in the vanilla version, and say to yourself, why not modify this and go back? At least that's what I did and let me tell you: it was worth it.

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Check out our picks in the video above. If you'd rather see them as a slideshow or list, scroll down.

Great Witcher 3 mods for returning players

appearance modifications

The Witcher 3 HD remake projectby halkhogan

This is a classic three-part visual mod that every The Witcher PC player should have installed. Your eyes will start to bleed, it's so beautiful. This mod alone will make you feel like you're playing a whole new game and it's almost worth buying the same duplicate game.

Reworked HD Monstersby Denroth

By the way, why not upgrade these monsters? This mod provides a small update to the appearance and animations of some of your favorite Witcher creatures. There can be no Witchers if there are no monsters, that's how I see it, so go ahead and keep improving these boys, ok?

21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (1)

grams of leavespor Maidenfan724

In video games, everyone always focuses on the water. Water, water, lots of water! Forget the water. Water is very realistic. I'm looking for hyperrealistic grass, Baybee! Smooth, supple grass as far as the eye can see. This is a mod I can follow.

Bloodposted by Ramccoid &Ultra Gore 2por Yoseppy Armineppy

If you caught yourself thinking, you want to know? "Not enough blood in The Witcher 3", then this mod is for you. Download this little mod and you'll practically drown in it like regular Dracula. There is a companion mod that causes every combat encounter to end in a gruesome ending if you really want to take the brutality to the next level, you freak.

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Mods that improve the quality of life

21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (2)

Fast travel from anywhereby JupiterTheGod

This eliminates about 25% of the time lost in the game looking for the nearest sign. It is absolutely necessary to feel that you can get to almost anywhere and from anywhere, although you still need to teleport at least TO the signposts.

Ponad 9000 — mod. wagi limitspor GlecuMan

Weight limits are great for a first time dip or maybe even a second time when you're playing an expansive RPG like The Witcher 3. But there comes a point where you just want to keep going and don't have to worry about carrying the weight, basically anytime makes the game simple.

More money for merchantsporTommy 1984

What's the point of carrying around 9,000 pounds of shit if the damn merchants don't have enough money to buy anything from you! This handy mod grants them an extra pouch containing 5,000 extra gold nuggets that can be given to Geralt in exchange for a few hundred rusty swords from Novigrad or something.

21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (3)

2x mission reward moneyby uglydemon &But XP - x1.5by Tahira

I'm not saying I want to be so OP that the game isn't fun, but for the second or third playthrough it's nice to have a little more restricted progression. You can also increase the amount of XP you earn, but I think 1.5x is the best place to advance in the story without necessarily being divine right away.

automatic serveby JupiterTheGod

Every time you kill an enemy, Gerlat automatically loots a corpse, so you don't have to mess with him and touch all those corpses and so on. Guys, this is called social distancing. This mod also appears to auto-loot objects with multiple items to save you the extra step of clicking 'take all'. With a lifting capacity of 9,000 units, efficiency comes first.

automatic application of oilspor SheepDarklord

At first I was worried that this mod would use up all my oils too quickly, but once I started using it it became so comfortable that I just fell to the floor.

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21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (4)

Cockroach infinite durabilityby zur13 &Galloping in the settlementsby JupiterTheGod

Why gallop when you can gallop, as I always say? This mod doesn't make Roach any less of a jerk, but it certainly takes the stress out of riding a horse.

increased creature takeoutpor mindkiller213

Sometimes you need a certain amount of Lurker excrement or Leshen pieces, and they don't come around as often as you'd like. This mod takes care of that and can be manipulated further to provide even more features than the default mod.

indestructible itempor Wasek

Constantly worrying about the state of your hardware is fun during your VERY immersive and incredibly realistic first game where you're a mutant slaying creatures behind the veil and dealing with elves and dwarves, but on our PC journey it's good that you take care of minor issues like maintaining weapons and armor.

Just for fun

21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (5)

No fall injuriespor Wasek

It's a little redundant, but fun. I don't remember how many times I fell and died in The Witcher 3, but now I remember about a hundred times climbing to the top of the highest point I've ever seen, just to jump off and see what happened. would happen thanks to this wonderful mod.

friendly wolvespor Apomorph

It's also fun, but the principle is just running into a pack of wolves and having them treat you like you're one of their own instead of attacking you for no reason.

21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (6)
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Jump in shallow waterpor Zhior

It's stupid, but I always want to jump in muddy puddles and now I can. Look at me! Yes! I make!

Earn Gwent Automaticallypor catcat &Gwent card merchantauthor: mangekyoumadara1987

I love Gwent and as someone who has finished the game I like to collect all the Gwent cards in the game. Some, however, are stuck with matches that need to be won in very specific mission windows that can be completed quickly. This mod allows you to skip Gwent and automatically receive a win reward if you don't feel like playing. You can also find a dealer with tons of cards in the Blood Baron's fort with this companion card dealer mod for Gwent if you prefer to play straight (I think).

What do you think, are there any mods you like that aren't on this list? Do you like alternative looks?this awesome Henry Cavill modby Adnan4444 or even SEXY modsthis incredibly horrific and bizarre spectaclepor Jatodude1?

Let me know in the comments below which mods everyone should try out, and as for all things The Witcher, keep them under wraps on IGN!

21 Great The Witcher 3 Mods for Returning Players - IGN (7)

OK, so if you're still reading this but aren't a super savvy PC modder, you might be thinking: how the hell am I going to do this? Normally I would tell you: it's easy! But in this case, you might need to take some extra steps to make these modifications work.

Here's the problem with this particular game: CD Projekt Red is pretty much the friendliest developer in the world. They constantly update and patch their games for years after their release. What is awesome. And it completely blocks half of the mods you're trying to use.

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If you want to know how to run mods on this meticulous game, check out our guide.How to install Witcher 3 modson our wiki!


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