Skellige - Fists of Fury: Champions of Champions - Unfinished Business - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2023)

Now that you've defeated all the inhabitants of the continent because that's what Geralt has the power to do, now it's time to fight these pirate vikings. Although the inhabitants of Skeliige are much more resilient in terms of growth, nature and culture, they are still no match for the Witcher. Again, expect Skellige's Fists of Fury quest to feature fixed match gambling, intentionally throwing at some poor nerd or just beating him up to end this quest in style.

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important elements in this area
Scheme: Excavator
Blueprint: Armor of the Nilfgaardian Guard
Schematic: Conqueror

Fists of Fury: Walkthrough of Skellige (level 30).

You've finished all of Skellige's bounties (there are only two left in the main game!), but there's one more thing you need to do before you can leave Skellige again. You see, you are the master of brawls in Velen and Novigrad. Everyone agrees you're the worst athlete in the country... at least everyone except the Skelligers. That must change! You'd think that as a master of Novigrad you'd have a chance to enjoy the best that Skellige has to offer, but unfortunately that's not the case. You'll have to climb the leaderboards, conquer three brushes, and then - and only then - can you challenge the Skellige champion.

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The first stop on this boxing patrol is Kaer Trolde, specifically the tavern where Yennefer stayed. Outside this tavern, you'll find a Battle Master who will prepare you for your first fight with Valgard. Before you start though, he'll pull you aside and make a completely different Skelliger request to you. Where's your honor, man?! At least he knows he can't win honestly and honestly, who is Geralt to stand between a man and his beloved? Promise you'll start a fight or not, then keep your word...or not. You don't lose anything by letting Valgard impress your Erica, but you don't gain anything either.

Still, beware of Valgar; starts the fight with a lightning strike that competitors in this tournament will perform whenever you approach them. The old tactic of countering an enemy attack and immediately responding with two quick attacks before dodging holds true both in this fight and throughout the rest of the tournament.

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To defeat Valgara25 XP / 70 Crowns / Blueprint: Digger

After Valgar's downfall, you'll be directed to two more enemies; Einar is waiting for you in the Faroe Islands and Grima can be found near Arinbjorn. Another Einar? That must be a popular name for Skelliger. Quickly head to the "Harviken" signpost and you'll find your next opponent near the rest of the fighters in front of Jutta's house. Talk to the Fighting Master here and challenge Einar, the bastard from Crazy Lugos. Despite having the blood of Mad Lugos running through his veins, he poses no greater threat than Valgar.

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For hitting Einar25 XP / 70 Crowns / Blueprint: Nilfgaardian Guard Armor

The next stop is Arinbjorn, so fast travel there and head west, avoiding the house to find Grim and his bookie. Talk to the Bookmaker and he'll invite you to a duel with Grim - a lumberjack who punches people in the face in the off-season. Use what you used in previous fights and it won't be a problem.

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For fighting Grim25 XP / 70 Heart

You have crushed your enemies, seen them driven before you, and heard the wailing of their women! Well, maybe that's a bit much, but you've hit a lot of people better than they've hit you, and now it's time to challenge Skellige's best boxer - Olaf. Quickly head to the "Urialla Harbor" signpost in An Skellige and follow the road northeast of town to find the arena just north of the road. Climb the hill on the west side of the sunken battlefield to find a bookie who will tell you about An Skellig's proud boxing history.

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Agree to fight Olaf and head to the arena, and after a short conversation and some drama, Olaf will show up and... yeah. The bookmaker's story about the history of An Skellig wasn't just for show - they were serious when they said that Duns Ursus fought the beasts with his bare hands! Dun Ursus? Rude? Looks like Geralt wasn't kidding when he said he would fight as if his life depended on it. This fight requires a slightly different skill set than other brawls; you won't be blocking Olaf, you'll just have to wait for him to attack and dodge, so take advantage of Olaf's mistake and land two quick attacks before running away again. Repeat until you win, after which a man will approach you and ask if you want to turn professional and fight for the title of “Champion of Champions”.

For defeating three of Skellige's finest boxers50 XP / 90 Koron / Gwestog

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Skellige - Fists of Fury: Champions of Champions - Unfinished Business - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (1)


Defeat Olaf, the Skellige master of melee combat.

Skellige - Fists of Fury: Champions of Champions - Unfinished Business - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2)


Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions (Level 11)

Well, you already beat the damn bear, what could be worse? Accept Pro Mode and fast travel to the "Hov" signpost on the east end of Spikerogg, where you'll learn that the Skelligers have turned the arena you freed of its inhabitant spirit into the stronghold of their Master Champion. Talk to a bookmaker nearby and this time Geralt will be smart enough to ask what he's up against this time... wisely, because the champion's champion is just a Rock Troll.

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Agree to the fight and you will enter the arena. As you can imagine, you won't block any attacks because the troll is simply too powerful for this tactic to be effective. In fact, the Errant Troll (level twenty-eight) fights like any other Stone Troll in the game, with a few key differences; he doesn't throw rocks and his punches stun him very well. The last element allows you to abandon typical boxing tactics and fight aggressively, as you're likely to interrupt most attacks if you strike first. Just hit the troll a few times until he raises his hand to block, then dodge and wait for him to drop his guard and maybe counterattack - this arm-raised counterattack is pretty much the only attack you can't KO him with. it. However, if he does any attacks, you'll just have to dodge, especially during his savage, multi-hit attack. Deplete the troll's health bar most of the time and it will be gone, making you the undisputed champion hero and finally ending the series of melee quests.

He will become the Champion of Champions50 XP / 90 Crowns / Blueprint: Conqueror

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Skellige - Fists of Fury: Champions of Champions - Unfinished Business - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (3)

fight master

Complete all brawl quests in Velen, Skellige and Novigrad.

Skellige - Fists of Fury: Champions of Champions - Unfinished Business - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (4)


From Far Away - Part 2 (Level 13)

You're done with Skellige, except for some high-level map markers you still can't clear, and maybe some plot changes... but yeah, anyway, you're done for now. A quick trip back to Novigrad, more precisely to the village of Ursten, south of Novigrad. From the signpost, follow the road southwest to find a Warrior who needs help. When you talk to him, he'll ask if you've seen the alien and... pletin? Apparently, he is a foreigner himself and has no tolerant intentions towards other foreigners. Tell him you don't know where they are or simply refuse to help him. In the latter case, he will attack, forcing you to end your hunt.

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Whether you leave him alive or not, head west to reach the coast, which covers a large area of ​​exploration. Head north along the coast, turning west if possible, and run west along the north end of the bay west of Ursten until you find the wreck. Activate your warlock senses and examine the crest on the east end of the ship's hull to identify it as the sister ship to the one sunk in Skellige, then find the tracks north of the ship which you can follow north-northwest. Near the abandoned fortification you will notice a woman who will waste no time running away. Let her go and loot the chest well hidden in the bushes, then climb the ladder to the watchtower for some packages.

When you're done looting, head north around the fortifications and then head down northwest to reach the beach. At this point, turn south to find a cave near the "Widow's Grotto" signpost, where an alien is anxiously waiting. If you've killed an alien warrior before, he'll thank you and leave. If not, he will appear and try to convince you to return the boy and woman. If you haven't already spoken to the Warrior in Ursten... well, he won't show up and make demands until you're done talking to the alien, where you can give him the Letter Sealed in Impervious Wax and the Captain's Journal you found. in Skellige. If the Warrior appears, either side with him or not, otherwise you will have to put him to sleep. If you do, he'll kill the alien. Considering the policies mentioned in the letters received, this could have drastic consequences for the future of a faraway country... but in the land of the Nordlings, that doesn't matter much right now.

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For the resolution of a foreign dispute50 DP

You've already completed all unfinished business at level 30 or lower. You must have all warlock blueprints except those in the Wolf set, and there are only two warlock bounties left to complete. In short, you've done almost everything there was to do in the main game, it's time to focus a little on Ciri.

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Should I let the guy win the fight Witcher 3? ›

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Some times people ask me to let them win for something like he is shy of a lady or such excuses so should I? up to you. there is really no consequences to it. Most don't give you extra stuff, but one of them give u 3 times the gold, so that you might want to accept.

Should you throw the fight Witcher 3? ›

If he was confident in his fist-fighting abilities and placed an exorbitant bet (the maximum being 70 crowns), that's a good chunk of coin to forfeit so early on. Unless you bet the minimum of one crown, it's not suggested that Geralt throw the fight.

Should I lose the fight for Eryka? ›

Just before the fight starts, Valgard will come up to you and ask you to lose so he can impress his lady love Eryka. If you do this for Valgard, then you won't receive a reward, but it won't hurt you, either. You can just fight Valgard a second time to defeat him.

How do I help resolve the matter of the succession to the Skellige throne? ›

How To Resolve The Matter Of Succession To The Skellige Throne. To get any help from the other recruits, you will need to complete a series of side quests in Skellige that focus on the archipelago's new king. These quests start with Possession and The Lord of Undvik before continuing on to The King's Gambit.

Should I let Ciri come with me to fight? ›

Players need to allow Ciri to go alone if they want this choice to count towards a positive ending. Going with you. You'll do fine on your own.

Does the guy pay you back The Witcher 3? ›

You can loot his body to get your money back. Trust that he'll eventually repay you, with interest. If you choose this option, you will indeed get your money (plus interest) later when you meet Johann again in Fyresdal village.

Does it matter if you bow or not Witcher 3? ›

Thankfully, it doesn't make a difference to the story whether you bow to the Emperor or not during his Imperial audience request. If you decide not to bow, the only immediate impact is with the Emperor's Chamberlain - who tries to chastise you whilst walking away, which Geralt brushes off.

Should I win the race or pay the debt Witcher 3? ›

If you do win, you get a master saddle and Dandelion gets his placards. If you lose, Rautlec is in more debt (275 crowns), and you may either pay his debts or leave him and forget the placards. Pay his debts- Instead of racing, you may pay his debt of 200 crowns.

Should I let Fishgulper win the fight? ›

Fishgulper (in Lindenvale, #3). He'll ask you to take pity on him so he can win the prize for the fight. If you agree, then you'll be able to beat him in a rematch to continue the quest. If you refuse, then you'll be able to give him 5 crowns afterwards so he can feed himself.

Should I fight Dettlaff or let him go? ›

The better, and most moral ending in my opinion is to let Dettlaff go and let Syanna die. Yes, Anna Henrietta is heartbroken about her sister's death, and angry at Geralt... But it just feels like the better choice.

Should I beat Cerys or let her win? ›

AFAIK there is no major difference except for completing or failing the objective. Seeing as Skelligans are about honor, gaining honor and maintaining honor, it would be low to let her win.

Who should win the war Witcher 3? ›

Radovid The Stern Wins the War

Aside from playing chess and battle strategy, he spends a great deal of his time burning mages, dwarves, elves, and dopplers alive. Radovid winning the war is a fairly probable outcome, as all Geralt needs to do is ignore the quest "Now Or Never", automatically ensuring Radovid's victory.


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