The Devil of the Well Walkthrough and General Advice The Witcher 3 - White Orchard - Walkthrough | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2023)

In this section, we'll take a look at the content of side quests and other useful items in the south of White Orchard. The main objective here is the Diabo no Poço side quest, as well as ticking off some other local attractions to save time on the round trip. Without further ado, here's the Witcher walkthrough for Devil of the Well and other helpful things to keep in mind while you're here.

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A spooky well in an abandoned village. It's time for the Witcher to get down to business.

The Devil in the Well - The Witcher 3 walkthrough

To start The Devil at the Well, go to the big house west of the notice board, where you'll find Odolan. His daughter fell ill after drinking water from the river, which was contaminated with all the corpses deposited in the last battle. According to a local herbalist, whatever she has contracted, she needs to stay hydrated, and the only source of clean water in the area is a well that has been haunted for some time. When the water in the river was clear, there was no problem, but now... now the ghost has to be dealt with or the girl will die.

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It's pretty clear; this is the work of The Witcher. Ask the farmer to describe the ghost and he will. Then just accept the job, trade for more coins, or decline. Negotiation is quite simple - the farmer will start with the base rate (in this case 20 kronor) and you will have to raise it. If you go too high, the farmer will refuse and get angry. Your goal is to start high and work your way down until you both agree. Whenever you ask for more than the farmer is willing to pay, he will get angrier (in proportion to the money you are asking). Note that this looks like a percentage check done secretly; after reloading, the quest sender cannot reject it for a reward they previously declined, or they can decline an offer they previously accepted. In this case, it's probably not worth haggling, as you will at best earn a few extra crowns, but later on you can expect the difference in earnings to be quite significant. Haggle all you want, but in the end accept the mission.

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Ooblan will tell you that his well has been haunted for 20 years, but now he needs clean water for his sick daughter.

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Leave Odolan and take the road to the south. You'll pass a house and just south of it the path forks. The southeast path leads to your destination, so naturally you'll want to head southwest first. As you head southwest, the path temporarily splits and you'll find broken trees and large bloodstains on the ground. Great. Continue southwest to find the Broken Bridge signpost, followed by… a broken bridge. How does it fit. Jump across the broken bridge and continue along the road, which will turn southeast for a moment and then turn southwest.

important elements in this area
yellowed diary
decorative bracelet
Water Witch Decoction
Phantom of the South Trophy

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Optional power place worth visiting

Head back east until you reach the road, then continue east past the road until you find the Place of Power. Enjoy and earn an extra skill point. From here, if you head north and a bit east, you'll find a griffin's nest...or at least what's left of it, and the body of a very dead griffin not far away. It might have something to do with our angry Griffin. Despite this, you should avoid the Griffin's nest for the time being, as discovering it early can hinder the quest's progress and cost you some experience. But. it's worth earning bonuses, as it will be easier to fight the Well Devil later on.

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Buy from a Place of Power to gain a skill point (left). Search the abandoned village to make a gruesome discovery in the well (right).

Walkthrough The Devil in the Pit: Finding Evidence

Return to the road and follow it back to the fork, taking the previously neglected southeast fork at this point. Continue along this road until you find the "Abandoned Village" signpost, behind which is... well, an abandoned village. Enter and use your witcher senses to look for clues. Examine the burnt grass around the pit, then examine the crispy meat west of the pit. From this evidence, Geralt deduces that the ghost you seek is the Ghost of the South.

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Now pay attention to the surviving houses, of which there are three. The westernmost one contains a variety of items, most of which are junk. Use Aard's sign to clear out some collapsed wooden beams so you can loot the southeast end of the house. In the central house hides a couple of chests with better items, especially alchemy and crafting components. Finally, go to the easternmost house. There's a chest under the cart outside, and there are several bags and a chest with small items waiting by the door. Enter the house to find a small wooden chest in the main room, then turn northwest to find a larger chest against the wall. Near this chest you will find"Yellow Diary"which Geralt suggests might be useful.

Time to read. Go into your inventory and read The Yellowed Journal. It seems that an authoritarian and cruel ruler caused the ancient inhabitants of the area to settle here, and the last meeting with the ruler - before which the diary ends - may have caused the appearance of the Phantom of Midday. If Geralt's hunch is correct, this spirit could be linked to a certain bracelet... Then take a look at the bestiary entry on the Midnightwraiths, which further confirms Geralt's suspicions.

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It's time to look for more clues, and luckily, you don't have to look far. Turn around and search the corner of the room opposite where you found the Yellowed Journal and use your Witcher Senses to highlight some remains that Geralt identifies as the body of someone who was stabbed and died instantly. However, a trail of blood leaves the scene. Follow it using your Witcher Senses, looking once near the corpse and then again near the door so that Geralt deduces that our search will lead us to… you guessed it, a well. Search the rope tied to the well to make a frightening discovery. No wonder this woman can't sleep well, and although what happened to her was deplorable, she can no longer haunt the living. A bracelet connects her to this world, and it looks like you'll have to jump down a well to find her.

How to get out of the pit cave in Devil By the Well

Jump into the well, where - despite Geralt's pessimism - there is enough water to break your fall. Once in the water, dive under to explore underwater, and once submerged, use your Witcher Senses to locate the bracelet and emerge when"Decorative Bracelet"it's at hand. Climb up the ledge to the north and down the tunnel to the east to find another pool of water. Dive down and swim northeast until you reach another large chamber. Search west to find a sunken chest with several goodies inside, including a recipe forWater Witch Decoction. Follow the bubbles and surface to breathe, then head east through the tunnel until you surface at a small lake. Get some more air and search the middle of this lake, as it's worth looting for another underwater chest that contains cavalry pants and some coins. Geralt will suggest preparing for the Phantom of the South, and maybe that's not bad advice. However, all you really need is the Yrden Mark and the Silver Sword... though Wraith Oil won't hurt.

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(1z 2)After jumping into the pit, look around and dive for items below the surface.

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After jumping into the pit, look around and dive for items below the surface. (left) If you didn't spot the body when you jumped in, using your Witcher Sense will highlight its location. (Normal)

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The Devil in the Well: The Burning Body Scene

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Summon the demon in the pit (left), then defeat the Midday Phantom to banish it (right).

Go southwest to return to the village. When you're ready to fight the Midday Phantom, burn the body near the pit by interacting with it and the Midday Phantom will spawn. Its attacks are quite simple; dodge it and wait for it to open on its own. Occasionally he will disappear, blind you, and summon some decoys that only require one hit to disperse and need to be attacked aggressively while draining your life from a distance. He'll take a lot more damage when he's in Yrden, so play him whenever you can and wait for him to attack you in Yrden. Aggressively using the Strong style followed by a quick dodge works really well.

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When she dies, loot her remains for some goodies. Drops are obviously random (always include:Phantom of the South Trophy, However). The Midday Phantom trophy, if equipped, will grant you a 5% bonus to human and non-human experience (quick, what's 5% next to nothing?). If you're lucky, you might also get the Midday Wraith Mutagen, which will boost your health when combined with the right skills. Another useful item is Emerald Dust, which can be used to craft Steel Viper Sword and Silver Viper Sword. The mutagenic vitality boost is quite negligible, and Emerald Dust will help you more in the long run, even though you can buy it from Willis and the Quartermaster, but it will cost around 350~crowns.

For getting the Phantom of the South Trophy50 DP

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Return to Odolan and tell him the good news. Geralt's curiosity takes over and he asks about the dead peasants around which the quests were resolved. The local herbalist mentioned Claer and it is definitely worth remembering for later. Odolan will then offer you payment... of the money that was supposed to be used for his daughter's dowry. His reasoning is simple; better for her to live and marry on a smaller dowry than not to live at all. Take a dowry (a whopping 20 kroner) or be a nice guy and pass. Since for the same money you can pick a bunch of flowers, the latter looks prettier. Despite being a nice guy, Odolan will not let the debt go unpaid and in return for your efforts he will give you an Amethyst worth more than twice what a coin would be worth. Sometimes good deeds are rewarded.

For returning to Odolan after defeating the Phantom of the South50 XP and one of the following: 1) 20+ Crowns 2) Amethyst

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The quest has been completed, and so our walkthrough of The Devil from the Well for The Witcher 23 has come to an end, but there's still more to do in the south. Return to the Abandoned Village and take the road east out of town. Ignore the first minor trail that branches off this road and instead take the second one that leads to an abandoned lake house where you can get some loot. In particular, in the southern room, between the two beds, you'll find a chest containing a Velen Longsword.

Optional Content: Abandoned Site (Level 2)

Exit the lake house and follow the larger road east until you find a “desolate place” along the road. Abandoned, possibly due to ghouls hiding nearby. Exterminate them and some Peasants will return to your temple. Among them is a herbalist who will sell various goodies, including white seagull formula, dwarf spirit, grave witch decoction, earth elemental decoction, and night ghost decoction. However, prices are cumulatively high. It is also worth noting that he sells saltpeter, an ingredient needed to make bombs. Buy some saltpeter and make a Samum bomb by going into the menu and selecting the "Alchemy" submenu.

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For clearing the Abandoned Place of Ghouls90 DP

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Optional Content: Place of Power (Level 6)

Before reaching these Monster Nests, head southwest from the Abandoned Place, which is not so deserted anymore. You'll soon find another delicious Place of Power guarded by a Level 6 Bear. While the dark giant may seem intimidating, its attacks are predictable and easy to avoid. Use the Quen sign to remedy any mishaps and execute a proven strong attack and dodge strategy until you are defeated. Once you've done that, buy from the Place of Power and enjoy an extra skill point.

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Defeat the Bear guarding the Place of Power (left) and blow up some Monster Nests to get the necessary loot and XP (right).

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Optional Content: Monster Nests

There are two Monster Nests you can destroy now, and this will make the northeast part of the map more or less complete. The first and, of course, the one next to the Place of Power near the battlefield. Simply fast travel to Cackler Bridge, approach the hive (destroy any ghouls that may have spawned while you were away), and with the Samum Bombs equipped, simply walk over to the hive and press [X]. Stand back like a tough guy and let the nest explode, then loot the nest's remains.

The second nest is close to where you started the game. Head southeast across the battlefield, past the ruined camp, and up the road ahead. From here, continue south, past another smaller road, and down to find another Ghoul Nest (southeast of the Crossroads sign). Eliminate all the Ghouls and repeat the above process. When looting the nests, you should obtain a Gold and Ruby Ring, which is worth one coin, but can also be divided into Gold and Ruby Nugget. In short, it might be a better idea to save them in case you need to throw them away later.

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For destroying the Ghoul Nest20 DP
For destroying… another Ghoul's Nest!20 DP

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