The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (2023)

There are many other things to do in The Witcher 3 besides the game's main storyline, such as the Gwent minigame in The Witcher 3. For some people, Gwent may not be very familiar and those people in particular will have a hard time understanding the ins and outs of the Gwent minigame. . Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks for those who are still struggling to understand the ins and outs of Gwent and want to complete some of the Gwent quests featured inthe wizard 3: Wild Hunt.

The most important information

  • Neverunderestimate the possibilitieshero cardsAsGeralt of RiviiLubCirilia Fiona Elen Riannon.These cards are immune to mostweather effects.
  • Choose yoursLeadercards carefully because they are all differentskills,what can beextremely effectiveLubabsolutely uselessagainst othersfactions.
  • Beware of cardsincreaseMutually. For example,two commands in blue stripesthey will boost each other's stats if placed together.
  • To usespy lettersat the start of the game if he allows itbuy 2 cardsYour own.
  • decoy cardsyou should get used to itto replaceAspyodoctorcard. You will earn more thanks to thiscardsin the palm of your hand, making it very handy.
  • Terreliableknowledge of the special abilities of all factions. For example,Nilfgaardalways will beto winif it's thereto design.
  • You must keep only the strongestcard combinationsIn yourcovered area.
  • noBetmanycrownsif you are newGwent,because it can resultstratafor you.
  • Make sure yourTalia do GwintaANDbalancedwith the right number of eachtypecard. Avoid having too manysame type.
  • finally do itRelated to Gwent tasksas soon as possible once they becomenot availableif you go too far into the story and the letter is lostforever.

But remember, mastering Gwent takes a lot more than that. First, you'll learn the basics of the minigame.

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1. The power and attributes of cards are important

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The best cards in the game are champions that ignore the debuffs of other cards, making them much harder to counter in a game where there is no direct card removal. Even offside still destroys your hero cards if they are in your most valuable lane. But you should know that this is just one remover card in a set that includes 149 other tiles and special cards.

It will keep you ahead of the game if you apply your techniques early in the game. Players using the Midnight deck shouldn't hesitate to trade Impenetrable Mist if it appears in their starting hand, as long as they're still using the King of Temeria as their boss. This is because the King grants you the power to draw and play Impenetrable Mist from your deck only once per game. Clear Weather and Lord Commander do the same.

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2. Beware of Valuable Plays

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (2)

In Gwent, watch out for Roj and Tight Bond components, as the components/units you use to buy more cards aren't the only ones to watch out for. There is also a Medic, which will allow you to resurrect a unit from the graveyard, including spies, after which you can immediately return to the battlefield. But the first two can really increase a player's average score per round. Focus on getting enough Dragon Hunters and Blue Stripe Rangers from Crinfrid Reaver to safely win at least one round with less than five component cards. It's not always effective, but you'll be happy to keep this tip in mind on the rare occasions when it's needed.

3. The first round is not that important

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (3)

Gwent is a completely different game and as far as the first rounds are concerned they are not important. Stop worrying about the first round, even if you lose. Playing your opponents slowly is the key to success in Gwent. How you play your first rally is important. If you have some decent cards on your side, go ahead and load your opponent's side, make a pass and take advantage of the unnecessary plays he makes. Gaining a card advantage over your opponent is fairly easy, as it will force your opponent to split their hand over more than two rounds, giving you a significant advantage throughout.

4. Play Spy early

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (4)

At first you might think giving points/elements to your opponents is a bad idea. But once you understand that the first game is not really important, it will be much easier to get the full value of the cards drawn from the North deck. Cards like Sigmund Dijkstra and Prince Stennis can be purchased from merchants and innkeepers across the continent. Try to get cards, once you find them, replace the weak cards in Geralt's starter pack. Try to draw cards as quickly as possible.

5. Using your attraction skills the right way

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (5)

You might not be lucky enough to have a Spy in your starting hand, but that doesn't stop you from using your mental abilities to grab an extra card or two. Always keep bait cards in your deck to keep any opposing spies busy; the lures will also benefit you. You can buy a Bait Card from the Quartermaster in Crows Perch, which will come in handy when you decide to challenge the Bloody Baron.

6. Know what to expect from each deck

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (6)

One of the keys to winning a battle in Gwent is building a deck. Always try to imagine what deck your opponent might have. These are the main factors that determine whether you win or not. If you want to start, the North deck is a good starter pack, you can combine special cards with units, win rounds with it, and entitles the player to an extra card in his hand. "Scoia'tael" players always have a chance to go first, which is very useful for controlling dynamics, and "Nilfgaardian" players take W in case of a tie. Finally, the Monster deck is basically designed to unleash creatures onto the battlefield until your opponent simply can't keep up with the swarm ability of its components.

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7. Do not use more than 22 unit cards

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (7)

It really isn't necessary to keep more than 22 Unit cards in your deck, as the best combinations in The Witcher 3 still leave players plenty of room to meet the minimum requirements for Gwent units. The idea is pretty obvious, you should keep the best units in yourTalia do Gwinta.

8. Bets do not affect card payouts

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (8)

While using Gwent for extra income for the main purposes of the game is pretty easy, you should make sure you can beat the person you are challenging before you bet most of your winnings. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should never be discouraged from placing light bets in the beginning. If you are playing against an opponent for the first time, you will receive a new card for winning. Always play it safe the first couple of games and once you've mastered the game try to play high. Always bet big if you know your Gwent deck is better.

9. You don't need a special amount of cards

The Witcher 3: Definitive Guide to Gwent (9)

Loading the deck with weather changes and other cards with special abilities is quite addictive. However, if you do, you will find that you have too many special cards and too few units in your hand to participate in the final round of a game of Gwent. However, yes, you will likely need some special cards to complete your chosen Gwent deck, but there is absolutely no reason to fill your deck with special cards to defeat Geralt's first Gwent opponents.

10. Draw cards at every opportunity

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It is not obvious? However, it is a very important aspect when it comes to composure and dominance in Gwent games. Each time you defeat someone in Gwent, you'll get a new card for your collection. However, you'll need to do more shopping to find all of the Gwent cards available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Most game retailers only carry a few cards, although some don't have any. But keep an eye on the Gwent merchants' stocks, they update their stocks often enough to be worth checking out. As you buy more cards, you'll also get the Card Collector achievement.

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The Gwent minigame is a great way to play, forcing players to adapt to new gameplay techniques and strategies. Buy and win every game you can. You never know which Gwent card will be next on the most wanted list.

There's so much more to discuss about the Gwent Cards than the details, this guide is more than enough to get you started in the massive Gwent minigame.

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