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I have to be honest and immediately say my prejudice about this guide. I love The Witcher, books, games and even series. (even if they do terrible things to the source material) With that in mind, please take me very seriously when I say that I played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt back in the day. In those countless hours of constant combat and fun, I've played almost every mission at least twice. During this “research” I created a list of tasks that I consider the best and that gave me the most pleasure.

One of these is the "There Can Only Be One" quest. It's a mission I sincerely love to return to, always leaving me in a situation where I want to waste more and more time on this beautiful world that CD PROJEKT RED has designed and built around Sapkowski's work. For this reason, I have chosen to lead you all on this mission to convey my love for the mission, perhaps helping those who struggle on this journey and those who fail to see the wonderful fragments scattered throughout it. Having said all that, what are we waiting for? let's go!

Task start and general details

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Quick Facts:

  • The quest is recommended for players level 43 and up.
  • Only players with the Blood and Wine expansion have access to this quest.
  • The Silver Aerondight Sword is given to the player as a reward for completing this quest from the Lady of the Lake in Lac Celavy.
  • Depending on the difficulty level, this quest also rewards the player with 300-350 XP.

The Witcher does not need to complete any previous quests to start this quest; however, the game recommends level 43 before you even think about the quest and its massive undertaking. In my experience, most decent players usually do well if their version of Geralt is within five levels of the suggested target. I believe you will find and complete this item starting at level 38. However, given that this quest is part of the Blood and Wine expansion, your version of Geralt should already be pretty solid by the time you get to this quest; so you probably don't need to worry.

After reaching this level, the player can go to The Gran'place bulletin board. This place is the name of the main square of Beauclair, capital of Toussaint. To find the square, just drive through the city until you reach the Hauteville neighborhood; the square should be easy to find. If you mind bulletin boards or just don't want to travel Beauclair's inner sanctums, you can also get this quest by listening to a conversation between two knights, Bors and Percival, on the tourney ground north of Beauclair. Most players will likely pass through these tournament grounds before reaching downtown Beauclair, so I'd advise keeping your wizarding ears open for knights in the area.

When you successfully complete the quest, your wizard journal will contain a description of a type of ordeal that will test the virtues of anyone deemed worthy of participating in it. The journal then directs the player to the shores of Lac Celava.

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  • Only players with the Blood and Wine expansion have access to this quest.
  • This quest can be obtained from the notice board in Beauclair or by spying on the two knights at Tournament Grounds.
  • This quest involves completing various other quests scattered throughout Blood and Wine to earn Virtue Points. However, if you complete these tasks correctly before starting the title search, the game will not indicate your success, it will only record it in the background.

Hermit at Lac Celavy

Once the player decides to pass this mysterious test of virtue, he must travel to Lac Celavy, located northwest of Beauclair. Upon arriving here, the small island will appear deserted; however, if you go to the north side of the small island, Geralt will find a collection of five stones. Each of these stones will represent one of Toussaint's five chivalrous virtues, constituting a powerful figure that every knight of the state must face. The virtues that the knights of Toussaint, and now also Geralt, must achieve are:

  1. Skill
  2. Honor
  3. Compassion
  4. Generosity
  5. Wisdom

After familiarizing yourself with these stones and the virtues they represent, you must go through them. The player will then see a bearded figure kneeling in the short grass, which can be reached through a small indoor body of water. If the player walks across a body of water, they will discover that Geralt is actually capable of walking on it, as if it were some biblical deity that I won't mention in case he gives me any trouble. If that doesn't tell you that there's something weird about this whole situation, then I don't know what will. However, regardless of this miracle, Geralt's conversation with the Hermit is quite mundane.

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Geralt's conversation with the Hermit can take place in several ways. If the player has already completed the quests or activities that earned him the five knightly virtues, the Hermit will offer him a trial of combat. However, for most players who didn't know about this quest before finding the bulletin board, and for those who haven't spent a lot of time on side quests, the Hermit will tell you that you still need to study and represent one or more outstanding virtues. To encourage the player to fight him or complete his knightly trials, he will offer the player a "miracle blade" reward.

Let's assume, however, that the player somehow managed to complete all the quests that can add him to his knight account without earning the aforementioned virtue point. In this case, the island itself will be completely deserted, which will fail the quest because the Hermit won't even bother to spawn.

Test of chivalrous values

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There are several tasks associated with each knight value. These missions are scattered throughout the game and have different levels of difficulty. However, the quest "There Can Only Be One" and the Five Stones of Gentleman Duty don't just accept completing one of these quests for value; no, the player must complete these missions in a certain way or make a certain decision to earn points for that specific mission. This is the beauty of this quest; rewards players for being kind throughout the game, which can result in less work for players who have already behaved in a chivalrous manner during their contracts with The Witcher.

With that in mind, here are some quests you can engage in to reach each of the chivalry values ​​and where to find them:


  • Tarefa: Tesham Mutna- To receive this quest, the player must first complete the quests "What Lies Unseen" and "Behind Hill and Dale". To find them, go to the Gorgon Foothills and find Hen Gaidh. To gain a point of Valor in this quest, you must kill Dettlaff.
  • Quest: Feet as Cold as Ice- To earn this specific Valor point, the player must help François kill the Grottore. To start this contract quest, speak to Jacquette near the Nilfgarde Embassy in Baeuclair or find François le Goff in the cave northwest of Beauclair Palace.
  • Quest: Raging Wolf- To prove your skill in this mission, simply complete the main objective by defeating the Maestro. To locate this quest, head to Port Beauclair and defeat all your opponents in the Fists of Fury: Toussaint tournament.


  • Quest: Song of the Passionate Knight– This quest is also in the Valor section; however, to prove his honor, Geralt must enter the tournament as Geralt of Rivia and defeat Prince Anseis in a mounted duel. Also, if you keep Vivienne de Guillaume's secret, you can earn an honor point. To find this quest, head to the tournament location near Beauclair after completing the quest “Beasts of Toussaint”.
  • Mission: Till death do us part– Getting a value point for this mission is quite simple; it was enough for the witch to tell Charles Lanzano that there were no animals in the cemetery; although it is a lie, it serves to protect others. To find this quest, go to The Clever Clogs tavern in Lassommoir in Beauclair and talk to Charles.
  • Quest: My God, Graceful, Great Granite Balls!- To get this honor point, just return the stones to the art curator. This quest can be obtained from the local notice board in Beauclair or by walking around Lolivier Square and listening to Rolande complaining about the closing of the exhibition.


  • Quest: The Beast of Toussaint- If you've already played this quest, the path to getting a sympathy point is pretty obvious; spare Shaelmaar's life and the cause will be yours. This is one of the main tasks of this add-on and therefore it should not be missed.
  • Quest: My God, Graceful, Great Granite Balls!- If you let the old man keep the stones instead of returning them to the healer, you will gain a point of compassion; however, that means you lose that particular honor point.
  • Quest: Ghost Horses– To show compassion in this quest, the player character must instruct the ever-loyal Roach to forgive the horse's spirit. To start this quest, talk to the Hermit in Pinastri Hermitage. This hermit's hut can be found in the Dun Tynne region of Toussaint.


  • Mission: Behind Hill and Dale- To win this game of generosity, Geralt must buy Syanna's ribbon for 500 crowns from a girl or win it in a game of Gwent. A card game that I still don't understand after several plays. To start this quest, you must complete the "Night of the Long Fangs" quest.
  • Quest: Ghost Horses- When starting this quest, exchanging it for a reward and then refusing the offered potatoes will earn you a bounty point.
  • Quest: Baeclair Common Wild Realm:To gain this bounty point, discard an extra coin offered to you by Count Borhis. But I don't see how generous it would be to allow the earl to keep most of his fortune. To start this quest, go to the Cockatrice Inn notice board.


  • Quest: The Beast of Toussaint- To obtain this wisdom, the witcher only needs to guess the correct location of Milton's Hideout.
  • Quest: Father Knows Worst- If Geralt convinces Hugo to talk to the brothers instead of attacking them, the player will receive a Wisdom point. To start this quest, find a cave called Albertus Grotto, located south of Bastoy Prison Ruins.
  • Quest: Knight's Tales- If you successfully remove the curse using Gareth's bones, you will receive a Wisdom point. To start this quest, find Jacob or note him on the notice board in Castel Ravello.
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  • Toussaint knights must exemplify five different chivalric values. This includes bravery, honor, generosity, wisdom and compassion.
  • Various missions earn the player a point one way or another; however, you only need one of these quests per valor to complete the title quest.
  • Some tasks counter each other, giving you one point for one attribute and losing one point for another value.

Acquiring virtues quickly

If you don't have time to scour the countryside in hopes of finding a suitable quest to get the required Valor Points, there is a quick, semi-cheat way to get all five Valor Points.

By starting the “The Beast of Toussant” questline as early as possible in Blood and Wine, you are well on your way to quickly completing the “There Can Only Be One” questline. After completing the quest, the player receives the Blood Run quest and the "Singing of the Smitten Knight" quest. By completing these three related tasks, you will be able to acquire all five virtues.

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To earn a sympathy point, you must spare Shaelmaar during the Beast of Toussaint quest. Then guess the correct answer at the end of this task (the answer is Greenhouse) to gain a Wisdom point. After completing “Blood Run”, you can start the quest “Turn around and face the stranger”, where tipping a boy will earn you a point of witcher generosity.

Later, during the defeated knight quest, engage in a duel as Geralt and defeat Prince Anseis to earn an honor point. Finally, in the same mission, he wins the entire tournament to prove his skill.

All this will end with the five virtue points needed to start the last part of the quest.

Knight Geralt the Sorcerer

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Once all these actions are performed and the player scores a point in each of the knight's values, the Hermit will challenge the Witcher to a combat test, which will be the last step before being considered worthy of the mysterious blade.

Once the Hermit defeats the Hermit, he will go to the surface of the lake and completely submerge himself under the water. The Lady of the Lake will emerge from the water a few seconds later. When he appears, she will talk to Geralt and discuss his advantages. He will then reward the Witcher with the silver Aerondight sword, a weapon that is repeated throughout the Witcher's cannon. Thus, the quest ends, for which the Witcher receives an additional 300-350 XP.

Common questions

Question: How to unlock the There can only be one quest in The Witcher 3?

Responder:The player must have already installed the Blood and Wine add-on and progressed far enough through the story to access Beauclair and Toussaint.

Question: How to get all five virtues in The Witcher 3?

Responder:To acquire all five virtues, you must complete specific quests scattered throughout the game and make some smart decisions within them. The easiest tasks to achieve these virtues are listed above.

Question: Is Aerondight the most powerful sword in The Witcher 3?

Responder:Due to its unique monster-killing abilities, the Aerondight is by far the best sword in The Witcher 3 for fighting monsters. However, as a silver sword, its use against humans is basically useless.


Here's a detailed guide to one of the best quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Not only does this quest allow the player to obtain a unique and prized weapon in the Witcher canon, but it also ensures that the player will engage in certain quests that he might otherwise skip or miss out on in order to obtain this weapon. As I mentioned earlier, this quest is one of my favorites in the entire game, not to mention the Blood and Wine expansion. This is due to the variety of tasks it offers and the sheer amount of effort you have to put in to get the reward, which makes every Aerondight hit feel so enjoyable from then on.

With all that in mind, I hope you've enjoyed this guide and found it useful if you're struggling to achieve the five virtues; I know I did it on my first playthrough. I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope to see you again soon. Happy hunting!

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